e-Commerce Solutions

Bring Your BUSINESS. to the next level from anywhere, and anytime
Mobile-responsive website
Your brand new website will look great on desktops, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones.
Android and iOS Platforms
Don't leave any gap for your potential customer to slip away! Put your store on every platform to secure higher chance for greater audience.
Free domain name / web hosting
New domain name and webhosting.
Free email account
Personal email account at your own chosen domain name:
e.g. john@yourcompany.com
Customized App Solution
Do you have a brilliant idea that you think could change the world, but don't know how to materialize it? We are here to stand by your side to realize your ideas.
Reach Global Customers
Let us help you to reach your desire of connecting with the growing global market.
Effective and Efficient Customer Retention
After reaching out you'll need to retain and grow your loyal customers through different marketing strategies. Want to have a point system? Customer Tier membership and rebates? Boosting sales on off-peak hours? We provide the solutions.
We build Hybrid apps, this method allows us to quickly prototype for both Android and iOS platform.
The loading speeding of a website is largely
determine by type of platform it was built on,
and the way the developer builds it. Our website are custom built and fine-tuned to be loaded fast,thus we do not utilize bulky platforms like WordPress or Joomla.